International English | Flemish voice over now also available in English | BMW X1 Commercial | Demo

I've been preparing for a while and now I'm 100% ready. After several coaching sessions with well known voice Coach Nancy Wolfson and the fabulous dialect coach Linda Brennan on September 2, 2019 I started offering voice overs in English.

Yes, go ahead and ask me for a free custom demo in English. Since I've been living in the USA for almost 10 years now, my English is General American English with a slight European accent. Your target audience won't know where I'm from, they'll think I am an American if they even think about it at all. You can call it just plain English, American English, General American English, International English, European English or English with a slight accent.. It doesn't matter. Just listen and you'll see what I am talking about.

How do you start offering services in another language? You make demos. Why not make a demo for BMW, I thought? So.. here you go. A BMW X1 commercial in English.

Head over to and check out more demos or shoot me an email serge @

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