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More than 15! I'd say that is an amazing 🏁 start.

About a month and a half ago I started offering voice overs in (International) English. Meanwhile, I've voiced over 15 projects. Shout out to the amazing people at the best voice over agency:! I'm very grateful to work with them🙏🏻

A lot of 🇪🇺 European companies are doing business all over Europe and the rest of the world. Those companies want to communicate in English but they also want to keep their authenticity.

So, they're looking for a 🗣voice that doesn't sound British, nor 100% American. Makes sense, because let's say you're selling 🇳🇱 Dutch stroopwafels, 🇧🇪 Belgian chocolate or 🇩🇪 German wurst. (Sorry, I could only think of food related examples 🤭).

Those companies want to make sure their target audience knows that they're European and not British or American.

Here is an example of how I'm helping out with that authentic communication. #voiceovertalent #voiceactor #voiceover #voicetalent #recording #voiceovers #internationalenglish #voice

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